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Our senior defense partner Cliff Black obtained a dismissal today for a felony case in the Northern part of Colorado.  Several people were charged with illegal cultivation of marijuana after another attorney incorrectly advised them that their business model was legal under the Colorado’s marijuana laws.  Out of the 5 people that were arrested, 4 of the defendants accepted plea negotiations based on the advice of their attorneys.  Cliff advised his client that he had legal defenses.  Cliff worked diligently with the prosecutor to show that his client had no intent to commit a violation under Colorado’s criminal statutes, and that regardless of his client’s intent, the client renounced his actions.  Renunciation of Criminal Purpose is a defense that is seldom used and rarely successful.  Through negotiations however, the prosecution agreed that with the defenses Cliff presented, the likelihood of obtaining a conviction against his was highly unlikely, and dismissed the action. 

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